Smart Money, Smart Kids Book Review

How will your kids handle their money? Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze explain how to raise financially smart children. But is their advice worth it?

13 Reasons You’re Not Rich

Psychology is the most important part of wealth. That said, here are some things that may be holding you back.

Cheap Fun Things To Do

One of the best things about having a wealthy mindset is being able to enjoy all kinds of pleasures in life. Especially those that cost hardly anything!

Start Here

Learning how to make and keep money is technically easy. What holds people back from being wealthy is the psychological part.

How to Keep Your Money 2

From credit cards to Tupperware, there are a million ways to lose your money today. Here are some things to avoid.

4 Tips for Making Habits Stick 1

New habits aren’t only for new year’s resolutions! Here are some essential things to remember to make those new habits stick for good.

Should I Be A Landlord? 2

Landlording is a fantastic way to make bank and become your own boss. It’s definitely easier and safer to get started by renting out a floor or a room in a home you already own, but if you’re ready to jump in to renting an entire unit, here are some notes on […]

The Intelligent Investor Review

If you had the chance to learn from Warren Buffet’s teacher about investing, would you take it? The Intelligent Investor is just that – a book written by Benjamin Graham.

Early Retirement as Easy as Pie 1

Anyone in middle class America can retire “early” (before age 65), if they so choose. Would you like to retire early? Oh right, that’s why you’re here. What you need to do is increase how much you’re investing and live below your means. That’s really all you need to be wealthy. You can […]

Out of the Closet 2

I’ve never talked about this before with other people. I wasn’t even sure I was one really. Are these feelings I have right? Maybe I can just get by trying to be like everyone else. I don’t want to be ostracized from society after all. I still have to live here. […]